Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting in Shape?

I should be asleep right now, but I'm a little wired from working on a Hebrew quiz (yes, only a seminary student could make a goofy comment like that). A few things:
  • It has been a good while since the last post, but that's ok because i signed up for the "blog quarterly" template when this whole thing started. (As opposed to J and company who keep it coming like the news)
  • Scholarship seems to move faster than life. Like a stomach and good food, or calf muscles and a pick-up game, capacity is reached...add a percentage for growth (sometimes fast, sometimes slow) and that's what you've got. What is a kingdom pace for living...or for learning? I write not because I'm frustrated with "having to read," but rather because my tendency is to shift into high gear with tasks (in this case studying rich texts and treasured resources) and roll the windows up on life.
  • I wish i could put into words what an honor it is the parent the little Princess Morgan (more stories to come). Amberly is matchless as a mother, and i enjoy journeying with her through laughter, tears, and wonder while Morgan is growing up. (The shortage of adequate words carries over into the subject of Junior [#2] as well.) I'll be counting on my tribe of homies to help us raise a boy...
That's what I've got for tonight.

Believing in the priesthood...