Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rhythms of Rest

Creative ways for the whole family to observe Sabbath can be hard to come by. A big thanks to the mama for the now famous dinner picnic. Morgan couldn't have been any happier - she got to watch Peter Pan while eating a sandwich and a plum! It was fun to watch her...she knew this was a special treat. Athan was also OK with it, for the whole event produced just the right amount of white noise for his post-meal nap.

These days, Sabbath days, are the days we need to remind us what it means to live; to "walk before the Lord in the land of the living." The work week derives its meaning from this set apart rest where we remember that we are children who belong, not gods who 'make things happen.' Of course Sabbath isn't confined to one day (certainly not Sunday for those with pastoral responsibilities!), but it is nice when a day can be set apart.

It's the little things really: hearing others drown out your own voice with songs proclaiming the mystery of the faith, don't-hold-back feasts shared with friends, any amount of activity or silence with children - things that help us slow down and catch glimpses of reality. When I run out of rope as Athan's dad, it is these days that remind me why I hold him and hope rather than look at him and despair.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sabbath in the park

Sunday Morgan & I cut out for a couple of hours to explore the park scene here in Wilmore. We're all adjusting again to life in the shire (JD's wilmore synonym), and "outside" time simply must be woven into Morgan's schedule! She really likes a little dirt on her face, which must make her feel like she's gotten the good out of the day.

We had a great time getting sweaty and dirty in the Kentucky humidity, then proceeded to Clucker's for some Ale 8 & juice to cool down a little. It's rare with Morgan to spend a few hours with not a lot of words, but that's kind of what we did; we played hard, laughed/screamed, and were quiet for a while. I was really grateful for the chance to spend the sabbath that way...quiet, playful, and waiting.

As I watch Morgan's love for the outdoors grow, I realize how much i miss waking up 50 yards from a tack room and the gate to the horse pasture. I wished today that i could have saddled Biscuit and let her ride around for awhile. The smells and sounds seem all too real and i guess on Morgan's behalf I just missed them today...that's all.

Well, it's off to bed for me. Amberly and I have been trading out on the midnight and six a.m. feedings/meds, and i've been taking the 6 so it's time for some sleep. I've been wanting to get the blog cranked up and never know where to here's a shot.