Sunday, August 31, 2008

Work and Play

(Grandaddy & Athan)

Our time in New Mexico/Texas afforded us opportunities to see family on all sides as well as good friends we count on seeing bi-annually. Everyone was delighted to see Athan, some for the first time, and Morgan had so much fun I think she’s still unwinding.

(Brothers & Papa)
In between 12 & 14 hour workdays I carved out some time for a few special trips. I'm reminded of Lonesome Dove, where work and fun are exemplified in the saga's two main characters: Augustus McCrae and Woodrow F. Call. Call takes jabs at his long time friend Gus for not wanting to work, staying up too late, and for too much 'philosophy.' In turn, Gus accuses Call of disliking fun altogether. At one point in defense of his funward excursions, Captain Gus remarks to Call that he is obligated to keep things balanced. Because of too much hard work on one side, he sees it his duty to have more than his share of fun. It's good for me that among spouse, brothers, and friends this kind of banter goes on! It's humerous, but I really am grateful for those that encourage retreat, rest, and sabbath in all forms. Stealing away to California in honor of Layne's graduation (he's the youngest) was sure a nice retreat. We had a great time catching up and getting punished by the ocean. I also traveled up into the pecos wilderness (near Santa Fe) with my good friend Bailey. We had a great time unplugging for a few days and quieting our souls.

Of course, work and play can't be so simply bifurcated, but it seems good to be mindful of each one's necessity and appropriate portion. Work regularly crosses the play line, and (especially with Strebeck vacations) play often opens the work gate. Rythyms of life I guess...

(New Mexico mountains)
A most significant update from the trip bespeaks our wedding anniversary. Amberly and I have now been at this seven years - wow. It would take a series of blogs - no, books - to express my gratitude for this opportunity. She has loved me well and fleshed out her wedding vows many times over. This is not to mention the mother she has been to our two children...she's the best. With no shortage of babysitters, we celebrated this milestone over supper and coffee a few times. I thought the formal celebration was over, but returned home to a gift that ranks up there in the top one or two. You can see my new coffee grinder below. It's not only groovy and old fashioned but also super functional. I've used it every day since I got it. With coffee from Rob's Roast Inc. and sister Brittany I'm all set for the start of the semester.

I guess that's all for now. I just spent a day with the guys at Abbey of Gethsemane, so I'll try to post about that sometime; a nice day of peace and prayer before the semester gets rolling.

(the grinder - can you say "German steel?")